Welcome to the Ultimate Pairing Fun WikiEdit

This is a wiki based on all pairings from books, to movies, to manga and anime, to video games, canon and non-canon ships.

As usual this wiki is open to everyone, feel free to add your favorite pairings, here! X)

The goal for the wiki is to make it a pairing fan database. If you have a pairing you love, please contribute your pairing's moments, screenshots, websites where others can find more information, fan-arts, videos, fanfiction recommendations, and more. This is a very interactive wiki that can work like a fanclub fanlisting. The more contributors and information, the better the quality.

Quick RulesEdit

  1. Please keep canon in the canon sections, and fanon in the fanon sections on the pairing pages.
  2. If you're pairing came from a book, that was turned into a movie it belongs in the book pairings catogory. For instance Harry Potter is under book pairings, but Star Wars would be under movie.
  3. Any other questions ask Kee-Lock
  4. Have fun!

Newest added PairingsEdit