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  • NaruSaku (Naruto x Sakura)

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Chapter 3: Uchiha SasukeEdit

  • Sakura asks Naruto to let her through and Naruto assumes she wants to sit next to him which makes him blush.
  • Naruto refers to Sakura as a cute girl that he's 'kind of interested in'.
  • Naruto is annoyed when Sakura tramples him to go sit with Sasuke.
  • Naruto wants to be on the same team as Sakura.
  • When Sakura is put on the same team as Naruto, Naruto cheers.
  • Naruto disguises himself as Sasuke to try to get close to Sakura.
  • While in disguise as Sasuke, Naruto asks Sakura what she thinks of him.
  • Sakura wants to try to be nicer to Naruto.

Chapter 4: Hatake KakashiEdit

  • Sakura enjoys the prank that Naruto pulls on Kakashi, even though she pretends not to.

Chapter 5: Carelessness is Your Worst EnemyEdit

  • Sakura seems concerned about Naruto's well being and warns him of Kakashi's attack.
  • Sakura is impressed by Naruto's Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Chapter 8: That's Why You're FailuresEdit

  • Sakura offers to feed Naruto her lunch.

Chapter 13: I'm A NinjaEdit

  • Sakura calls out when Zabuza attacks Naruto.
  • Sakura looks on in admiration as Naruto faces up to Zabuza. She is blushing and thinks "What's this feeling? This is Naruto."

Chapter 17: Preparation for BattleEdit

  • Sakura holds Naruto back when he gets angry at Inari.

Chapter 18: Training CommencesEdit

  • Naruto praises Sakura when she is the first one to complete the training exercise.
  • Naruto asks Sakura for advice on the training exercise.

Chapter 19: Symbol of CourageEdit

  • Naruto uses the advice Sakura gave him during training.

Chapter 21: Encounter in the ForestEdit

  • When Sakura and Kakashi find Naruto, Sakura is impressed by how far he has made it up the tree.
  • Sakura is worried and screams when Naruto pretends to fall out of the tree.

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