Shake It Up



Pairing Names Edit

  • Deucina (Deuce x Dina)
  • Dice (Dina x Deuce)

Similarities Edit

  • Dina offers people cheap prices for tickets or real items at school, just like Deuce.
  • Both Deuce and Dina talk in the same slang language.
  • They both wear headphones over their necks and dress similarly.
  • They look alike, with same hair and eye color, nationality, and age.
  • Their names start with the same letter.

Moments Edit

Episode: Match It UpEdit

  • CeCe and Rocky try to hook up Deuce with Dina.
  • Rocky says that Deuce and Dina are perfect for each other.

Episode: Glitz It UpEdit

  • They appear to be dating.
  • Deuce lies for Dina about the pig.

Episode: Twist It UpEdit

  • Deuce introduces himself as Dina's boyfriend.
  • They are seen holding hands and sharing some cute moments.
  • She called Deuce baby.

Episode: Three's A Crowd It UpEdit

  • Deuce confronts Dina about taking away all of his customers. She figures out that he wants her to be a 'cute, supportive girlfriend who does her hair all nice and bakes a cake and stuff'. Deuce responds that she read his mind.
  • Deuce calls Dina 'sweetie' and Dina calls Deuce 'baby' and 'cutie'.
  • Deuce and Dina make-up after the argument about Dina taking away Deuce's customers.
  • Deuce is proud that his girlfriend is an awesome businesswoman.
  • Deuce and Dina go into business together as D&D.

Episode: Review It UpEdit

  • Deuce brings Dina a snack and they hug.
  • This episode is Deuce and Dina's one year anniversary.
  • Deuce is worried about what to get Dina for an anniversary present.
  • Dina wants to plan an elaborate celebration with a 3-d sculpture cake and a reinactment of the first time they've met for their anniversary.
  • Deuce gets Dina a hope ring as a present. However, the ring is put in the wrong pizza and Dina never receives it.
  • Deuce says the best thing that ever happened to him was finding Dina.
  • Deuce says that Dina is his best friend.
  • Dina pretends to forget their anniversary so that Deuce doesn't feel pressured.
  • Dina calls the ring she didn't receive: 'the nicest present i never got'.
  • Dina gets Deuce a ring.
  • Deuce says that 'a beautiful ring belongs on a beautiful hand' and puts the ring on Dina's finger.
  • Deuce and Dina promise to always be themselves when they are around each other.

Episode: Jingle It UpEdit

  • Deuce doesn't want to tell Dina that she is a bad singer because he's afraid to hurt her feelings.
  • Dina kisses Deuce's cheek.
  • Deuce tells Dina that she is an amazing singer.
  • Deuce was happy when Dina brought mistletoe and was happy when she kissed him on the cheek.
  • They become honest with each other at the end.
  • Deuce and Dina hug.
  • They're wearing matching outfits.
  • Deuce let Dina join his family carol singing group.

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