Pairing Names Edit

  • Creddie (Carly x Freddie)

Similarities Edit

  1. Carly and Freddie both enjoy getting good grades, and are both shown to be intelligent and among the best students at their school. For example, Carly was considered for a scholarship at a private school in iMight Switch Schools, and Freddie won a scholarship for a School at Sea program (which he gave up to Missy so he wouldn't have to leave Carly and Sam, and their webshow, and also to get rid of Missy). ('iReunite with Missy)
  2. They both enjoy studying, especially together alone, as shown in many episodes ('iOwe You, iReunite With Missy, etc).
  3. They have been shown to spend a surprising amount of time alone together without either Spencer or Sam around, often in her apartment, as shown in many episodes and on the iCarly website. They like to do things alone together, like listen to music, play games, and watch videos or TV ( iStage an Intervention, iDon't Want to Fight)
  4. Freddie has a good singing voice like Carly (iThink They Kissed).
  5. The two often act like a couple or as if they're married, as when they study together or act like parents to Sam and/or Spencer ('IWas a Pageant Girl| 'iSell Penny-Tees, iOwe You, and many others).
  6. They are sometimes paired with each other in iCarly skits (for example, iPity The Nevel).
  7. Freddie and Carly both have absent fathers, although at least Carly knows her father and talks to him occasionally (iSpace Out, etc.), while Freddie's has never been mentioned.
  8. Both apparently pay close attention to the others' clothing and bodies - Freddie has commented on Carly's new "curviness" on quite a few occasions (iFight Shelby Marx, iTwins, etc.), and Carly notices that Freddie has new pants and is taller and more muscular in several episodes (iThink They Kissed, iSam's Mom, and others). She even rips open his shirt to "see why his chest is so thick" in iSam's Mom.
  9. Since iSaved Your Life, they both touch each other and have flirty conversations a lot (iGot a Hot Room, iHire an Idiot, iSam's Mom and more).
  10. It is hinted in a lot of episodes that Freddie and Carly sometimes spend more time together and know a lot about each other, which is important in a relationship. They also seem to keep close tabs on each other. For example, Freddie, not Sam, knew that Carly was absent because she overslept in iMust Have Locker 239, and Carly texted Freddie, not Sam or Spencer, when she was coming home from work while they decorated her room for a surprise in iGot a Hot Room.
  11. They have always had similar personalities. For example, they both hate getting in trouble, although they both sometimes come up with schemes that would get them in trouble if they were caught (iLook Alike, iGot Detention, as well as many others). They also often get annoyed with Sam's behavior (being late for iCarly, not paying them back money she owes, etc.).
  12. It seems Carly used to think Freddie's tech talk could get out of control, but since iSaved Your Life she smiles at him and acts interested, and still seems to think it's "cuky", although it still irritates Sam. For example, in iBelieve in Bigfoot, Carly is smiling at Freddie, seeming interested, as he talks about his tree cameras, while Sam moans and points at him, saying "It hurts...the sound of him talking!"
  13. It is shown in many episodes that they care about each other very much and would do anything for each other.

Moments Edit

Season 1:Edit

  • In the season 1 intro,when the song says "Some things are meant to be" it shows Carly and Freddie together.They are both frightened and Carly is behind Freddie, holding his shoulder. It is consistent with iSpeed Date, because the slow dance song at the end says "Cause you are meant for me" while Carly and Freddie are dancing romantically.


  • It is established that Freddie has a crush on Carly very quickly--in the third scene.
  • When Carly drops her water bottle, Freddie races over to pick it up for her.
  • Freddie, as he does so, so many times afterwards, looks through his peephole to see when Carly is coming home.
  • Freddie was looking for Carly after school to walk her home.
  • Freddie denies looking through his peephole, but when Carly asks him again, he admits it.
  • Carly gently tells Freddie that they can be "buds", but tells him he should get over his crush. She doesn't seem annoyed or frustrated by his attraction towards her, instead seeming amused or even finding it cute or sweet.
  • Freddie says he is in love with Carly, denying outright that his feelings are a mere crush.
  • Freddie describes not having Carly as "constant pain".
  • Freddie says that he knows about Carly having to film the audition.
  • Freddie offers to let Carly borrow his camera.
  • Carly notices Freddie's new phone.
  • Freddie offers to give Carly his brand new phone.
  • When Carly has to judge the talent show auditions, she is amazed by Freddie's extensive technical system. She is distracted from her phone call when she sees Freddie and his technical equipment.
  • Freddie gives Carly juice and a bagel with a sweet smile.
  • When Sam calls Freddie a "doof", Carly immediately appears to start defending Freddie, seeming angry and disappointed at her for teasing him.
  • Carly seems very upset during all of the fight between Freddie and Sam.
  • When Sam says that Carly will never love Freddie, Carly is seen behind rolling her eyes.
  • Freddie angrily plans to leave (after Sam, his "frenemy", says that "Carly will never love you") but stays after Carly very sweetly asks him to "please stay".
  • When Sam is angry at Freddie staying, Carly looks away from Freddie to Sam. She seems very happy that Freddie is staying.
  • When Jeb comes out to audition, Carly is the one to ask Freddie if the camera is rolling.
  • Freddie only starts to flim the two girls making fun of Ms Briggs after Carly starts to talk.
  • Freddie filmed Carly and Sam in the auditions (he thought he edited it out afterwards), and he zoomed in on Carly but not Sam.
  • Carly remembers that Freddie had put the auditions online.
  • Carly knows where Freddie lives, and tries to stop Sam from going over there.
  • Carly is horrified when she hears Freddie scream.
  • After accidentally uploading footage of Carly and Sam during the school auditions, Freddie reads comments off Splashface. One of the comments reads "Carly, you're hot!" and Freddie agrees by looking at Carly and saying "It's true!"
  • Freddie decides to suggest the name "iCarly" for the webshow, naming it after Carly.
  • During the crazy hat party, Freddie walks over and bluntly asks, "You want to go out in the hall and kiss?"
  • When Carly turns away after rejecting him gently, he shows he is very upset about it.
iWant More ViewersEdit
  • Carly introduces Freddie as the technical producer of iCarly.
  • When Sam interrupts Freddie, Carly can be seen in the background looking annoyed.
  • Freddie is angry when Sam teams up with Carly, wanting to team with her and Sam to go with Spencer instead.
  • When Carly is talking, Freddie zooms in on her, but when Sam is talking, he doesn't zoom in on Sam.
  • When Carly instructs Freddie to do things such as "play the clip" or "zoom in on it", he does it without hesitation.
  • When Freddie greets Carly and Sam, Carly glances at him with a smile.
  • After spraying Sam and Freddie, Carly looks at Freddie with pleasure and amusement.
  • When Carly says that she made her special spaghetti for dinner, Spencer and Sam simultaneously raise their hands and say "Yeeah" with a weak voice, sarcastically, indicating they are not very fond of the idea. But Freddie looks happy and impressed with Carly's cooking, complementing it. This is apparently the very first sign that Freddie would never act in a way that could make Carly feel bad, even at the smallest rate.
  • Carly keeps looking at Freddie serve his spaghetti for no apparent reason.
  • When Sam says that Carly's spaghetti needs more garlic, Freddie looks at her in annoyance and says that Carly's spaghetti is great.
  • Carly is annoyed when Sam insults Freddie.
  • Freddie recognises that Carly's idea is a contest.
  • When Sam tells "Hasn't life already penalized you enough?" to Freddie, Carly sprays her with water yet again, saying "That's for being mean." supporting Freddie and showing that she doesn't want him to be hurt either.
  • When Carly talks about being sad about their wet banner, Freddie looks sorry for Carly. He even says he feels bad for her whne mentioning that they will have to touch Lewbert's wart.
  • Freddie says,"No offense, Carly," to her every time he talks about winning the contest. She smiles at him sweetly.
  • When Sam tells Freddie "Play that clip, Freddie" about the video sent by three viewers from Denver, he angrily says "Some people might say please!" and presses the button. In the previous iCarly (at the start of the episode) though, when Carly told him "Freddie, roll the clip!" and "Zoom in on it Freddie." about Lewbert, not only Freddie didn't say anything but he also did it with a happy look on his face. Freddie doesn't mind at all if what he does pleases Carly.
  • When Carly is blending the spaghetti and meatballs, she smiles at Freddie.
  • Carly congratulates Freddie for his and Spencer's sign idea, and he says, "Thank you, Carly. In your face, Sam!", one of his trademark phrases.
iDream of DanceEdit
  • Carly and Freddie greet each other first and happily when Freddie enters class.
  • When Ms Briggs says that Scotland is the home of plaid, Freddie glances back at Carly.
  • Freddie walks out of his apartment when Carly arrives, implying he was looking through his peephole again.
  • Carly mentions the smell in Sam's car to Freddie with a flirty tone.
  • Freddie calls Carly "classy" when Carly puts a sliced lemon in each of their iced teas, compared to Sam, who he quite apparently sees as rude and totally lacking in class.
  • Carly is disgusted and shocked when Sam says she used Freddie's cell phone antenna to clean her ears.
  • When Carly first begins to talk about her idea, she is seen staring at Freddie with a look that could be interpreted as longing.
  • Carly looks annoyed when Sam uses Freddie's straw to clean her ear.
  • Carly is eager for Freddie to tell her how many people sent in dance clips.
  • When Sam discovers that she was hitting Gibby's locker, Carly and Freddie glance at each other.
  • When Freddie agrees with Carly, Sam sarcastically says that it's weird. This shows that Freddie almost always agrees with Carly.
  • When Carly asks how many more dance clips they have to watch, she seems to be asking Freddie more than Sam.
  • When the trio was watching one pack of 500 dance videos the iCarly viewers sent, Sam informed Carly and Freddie how many videos they had watched up to this time and how many were left. In both times, they simultaneously groaned in the same way.
  • Freddie is upset when Carly is interested in a guy in one of the videos sent in to their web show who can dance. He refers to him as a "nub" throughout the episode.
  • Freddie angrily declares that he's going to get some juice after Carly rates the cute boy "4 billion".
  • Freddie pushes Sam off his shoulder. However, when Carly has her head of his shoulder, he smiles.
  • Carly and Freddie constantly stand very close to one another during the trio's dream.
  • When Freddie's dream starts, he is thinking of the comments Carly made referring to the boy's looks.
  • When Freddie stands up for Carly in his dream, she looks concerned for him.
  • After "defeating" the boy in Freddie's dream, Carly runs in and a romantic song plays and the two hold hands. Carly looks at Freddie sweetly and the two hug.
  • While asleep, Carly shifts and moves her head from Sam's backside to Freddie's shoulder, which causes him to smile. They both seem very comfortable.
  • Freddie is smiling happily after his dream when Carly hugs him.
  • While they're all asleep, Carly has moved in her sleep and is resting her head on Freddie's shoulder. They both look content and are smiling.
iLike JakeEdit
  • Carly looks concerned when the wrestlers are "attacking" Freddie, and she looks frustrated at Sam for making Freddie endure it.
  • Carly distracts the wrestlers so that they will stop hurting Freddie.
  • When the wrestlers get off Freddie, Carly smiles sweetly at him as he takes the pudding cup out of his bag.
  • Carly feels sorry for Freddie and helps him stand up by taking his hand.
  • Freddie comes out of his apartment frowning at Jake.
  • When Jake says that he wants to see Carly, Freddie takes out a picture of her from his pocket which implies he carries it around everywhere, and seems to act like he's going out with Carly.
  • Freddie tries to get Jake to leave.
  • Carly seems amused by Freddie's jealousy.
  • Freddie discourages Carly from letting Jake in her apartment.
  • Before Carly closes the door on Freddie she says, "You're the best."
  • Freddie says, "Just keep kissing those frogs Carly, this prince can wait," after Carly brings Jake into her apartment.
  • Freddie is openly upset at the fact that Jake seems to be able to do everything.
  • Freddie was very happy when he found out that Jake can't sing good.
  • Freddie loves the idea of humiliating Jake.
  • Carly drags Sam away to tell her she likes Jake, possibly because she doesn't want Freddie to hear.
  • Freddie offers to push Jake down the elevator shaft, and is upset when Carly refuses to let him.
  • Freddie wants to hurt Jake's feelings.
  • Carly asks Freddie how much time there is until the show.
  • Carly is annoyed when Sam makes fun of Freddie's haircut.
  • Freddie realises what Carly is asking him to do and crosses his arms in defiance.
  • Freddie asks for a kiss from Carly.
  • Freddie agrees to fix Jake's voice even though Carly refuses to kiss him, showing he can't say no to Carly.
  • Carly tells Freddie, "Give me that nose!" and kisses him on the nose, making Freddie smile.
  • Carly didn't have to kiss Freddie, however she does so anyway, hinting at early feelings.
  • Carly smiles and is amused by the idea of her and Freddie dating, not disgusted.
  • Carly does not deny having feelings for Freddie.
iWanna Stay With SpencerEdit
  • Freddie looks impressed with Carly's fake punch.
  • Carly looks annoyed at Sam when she plays with Freddie's equipment.
  • Carly goes to leave the studio and Freddie starts walking with her while Sam stands back for a moment, and he would have gone with Carly if Sam hadn't said he smelled like garbage.
  • When running from Sam, Freddie runs closer to Carly.
  • Freddie asks Carly what he should do, and follows her instructions immediately and quickly.
  • Freddie looks angry when Sam tries to take Carly's PearPod.
  • Freddie tries to lighten the mood and cheer Carly up.
  • Freddie supports Carly's idea.
  • Carly is obviously very sad to have to leave Freddie.
  • Freddie acts very devastated through the latter part of the episode, as if Carly is dying, showing how much her leaving would mean to him.
  • Carly and Freddie say goodbye by saying "This is it", as if they are breaking up.
  • Before Carly is about to leave for Yakima, she and Freddie hug. He sobs while hugging her and says, "Be strong, Freddie," and he doesn't want to let go.
  • When Carly agrees that her and her Granddad should get on the road, Freddie grabs Carly's leg and cries, and then self-consciously stands up and says that he, "Lost his cool."
  • Carly consistently looks at Freddie sadly, maybe feeling upset there was something she never told him?
  • Freddie looks sad when Carly hugs Spencer goodbye.
  • When Carly and Spencer's granddad says that he wants Carly to stay with Spencer, Freddie grabs his leg and screams, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"
  • Carly looks amused when Freddie is doing this.
  • The two glance at each other flirtily.

[1]*Carly seems shocked and frustrated by Sam when she pushes Freddie into Tasha.

  • Carly bumps Freddie off the chair using her butt.
  • After Nevel tries to kiss Carly, she explains it to Sam and Freddie, and Freddie gets extremely jealous and yells "That jerk!!"
  • He asks Carly to "Come show my lips exactly what he did!" and Carly rolls her eyes at him.
  • Carly sweetly turns down Freddie's offer of a kiss.
  • Freddie looks very disturbed after Carly leaves, possibly because of Nevel kissing Carly.
  • After reading the review of iCarly, Freddie says to Carly "at least he didn't call you a fat flower", showing he thinks insulting Carly is much worse than insulting the webshow.
  • Carly asks Freddie to roll the camera, which he proceeds to do without hesitating.
iScream On HalloweenEdit
  • Freddie says that the reason he does not want to go to Apartment 13B is because of his concern for
    Carly's safety. He seems to want to protect her.
  • Carly is amused to see Freddie in his pajamas, seeming to think he looks cute in them.
  • When Carly goes to get Freddie and he and his mom are arguing about his costume, she is smiling and rolling her eyes.
  • When Sam makes fun of Freddie by saying "A tech talking witch boy. Look out ladies!" , Carly looks and smiles sweetly at him, a sign that she sympathizes Freddie and what he is going through because of Sam daily.
  • Carly and Freddie are the only ones with costumes.
iSpy a Mean TeacherEdit
  • Only Carly and Freddie go to spy on their teacher, without Sam, and are alone together for hours.
  • Freddie guarantees in twenty years he will be Carly's second husband. When she asks him what happened to her first husband, Freddie replies, "Nothing you can prove!", and she seems to be amused.
  • When they are trapped in the closet, Freddie says "You know, this might not be so bad. You and me... together ...alone..." in a flirty tone.
  • Freddie takes the Randy Jackson cologne, possibly trying to attract Carly, and Carly giggles and looks amused.
  • Later at school when he wears the cologne and Mrs. Briggs notices, Carly is smiling at him cutely.
  • Carly grabs Freddie in a frightened way twice when they are almost caught.
  • They both eat the Randy-O's and hide together behind the large cutout of Randy Jackson when Mrs. Briggs comes in the closet.
  • When Carly peeks out of the closet and sees Mrs. Briggs working out, she is disgusted, and refuses to tell Freddie what Mrs. Briggs is doing. Rather than scar him for life, she replies, "You don't want to know," when he asks what Mrs. Briggs was doing.
  • When Freddie brings out the green screen for the very first time, after first exchanging looks only with Carly, he lets Carly choose which backgrounds to use.
iWill Date FreddieEdit
  • When Valerie agrees to go on a date with him, Freddie asks Carly, "You won't be jealous?" before agreeing to go out with Valerie.
  • Carly seems jealous of Valerie throughout this episode, and is suspicious of her from the start.
  • When Mrs. Benson mentions Freddie having the "cutest little bottom", Carly laughs about it and looks very amused.
  • Carly helps Freddie get ready for his date with Valerie by giving him some clothes after his mother makes him dress strangely, and by fixing his hair.
  • When Freddie asks how he looks, she responds, "You look great."
  • Carly, along with Sam, spies on Freddie while he is on his date with Valerie through a webcam, which implies she's jealous of Valerie. She seems very eager to know what's going on between them.
  • When Freddie quits iCarly, Carly freaks out and is very upset, showing that she really wants him there and that she feels iCarly isn't the same without him. She's also probably jealous of Valerie, and that Freddie's love for her is being challenged.
  • When Sam makes a joke about Freddie when he quits, Carly snaps at her.
  • When Sam tells Carly about Valerie, Carly's first words are "Oh my God, she's just using Freddie!", another proof that she deeply cares about him.
  • When Carly tells to Freddie "She's just using you." (about Valerie), Freddie angrily replies "Then I enjoy being used!". This can be interpreted as an expression of his grief and sadness for not being with Carly all this time, through anger.
  • When Sam is rude to Freddie about leaving iCarly to help Valerie with her web show, Carly sticks up for him and says, "He should help his girlfriend," in a very sad tone.
  • When Freddie and Valerie break up, Carly is very concerned, and tries to cheer him up and get his mind off of it.
  • Freddie says he doesn't want to come back to iCarly because he isn't being treated like he's important to the show, and Carly says: "I always tell you how important you are!" and Freddie agrees with her on this.
  • Carly makes Sam tell Freddie that he is important to the show.
iWant a World RecordEdit
  • Freddie asks Carly if she's all right and can continue the webshow, showing he's worried about her.
  • Carly keeps glancing at Freddie, and sits close to him, when reading the encyclopedia.
  • Freddie leans close to her while they flip through the encyclopedia.
iRue The DayEdit
  • Freddie says Sam's not like other girls when she tries to put Gibby's foot in his mouth, in a an annoyed monotone, as if she's different in an obnoxious, intimidating way. Carly agrees.
  • They sit close together on the couch, giving each other little glances, until Spencer squeezes in between them.
  • Carly stands close to Freddie while he prepares his laptop for iCarly, and says in a worried voice "Are you sure we're not going to have any more problems?" Freddie responds in a reassuring, comforting voice.
  • She didn't have to stand so close to him, especially because on the webshow, she always says "Too close!" if he does the same to her (although it should be noted that she has no problem with standing close to him off of the web show). Maybe she wants people to think she doesn't want him to stand close togher, but she really does.
  • Freddie looks at only Carly, while Sam is also right there, and asks her, "'Nary?'" as if to say "What did he say?"
  • Carly says "Ahh, man!" sadly when Freddie is trapped in the harness.
  • Carly gets angry when Sam spins Freddie around in his harness hanging from the ceiling, and stops his spinning.
  • She yells "Stop!!" when Nevel's grandmother is hitting Freddie with a bat.
  • While Sam does squat-thrusts with Nevel's grandma, she frees Freddie from his harness and then they sneak out together holding each other tight, alone without Sam, and not even looking back.
  • Freddie bumps knuckles with Carly first, and they smile at each other. When he bumps knuckles with Sam after that, he doesn't smile.
iPromise Not to TellEdit
  • After Carly says, "Thanks, girls love to hear that," sarcastically for being called horrible, Freddie immediately apologizes.
  • Freddie warned Carly about Mr. Devlin's class.
  • Carly knew she looked horrible, and wasn't mad at Freddie about it.
  • Carly drags him on the floor, and pins him down twice. They both seem to enjoy it.
  • They are alone together in this episode, again without Sam, for a record five times - three times in her apartment, with Spencer absent, and the other two at the lockers and in the computer lab.
  • They plot together to fix their grades back without Sam, working together as a partnership.
  • In the scene in the apartment when they have hacked into the school computer and are changing a littlemore than their grades, they keep smiling and acting flirty to each other as if enjoying being "bad" together. Carly says "Tater tots" and smiles at him flirtily, and Freddie starts changing her grades and says "Shay comma Carly" in an invitingly flirty way, and they both smile again.
  • Twice at their lockers, they are shown once again alone, standing close together. In the second scene, they are both slumped against the lockers with the same guilty expression.
  • They act like a married couple when Principal Franklin comes and they pretend to give him the microwave as a birthday present.
  • Carly and Freddie both start crying and get very scared and worried at the same time when the police
    come, because they don't want to go to juvie. In the next scene, they both sit at the kitchen table with the same worried expression.
  • When Freddie tells Carly how he can change the grades back, she looks at him admiringly.
iAm Your Biggest FanEdit
  • Carly is shocked at Sam's idea of rolling Freddie in breadcrumbs and baking him at 350, and seems angry.
  • Carly and Freddie keep looking at each other flirtily in the iCarly studio scene, when she's lying on her back on the beanbag chair. Freddie seems very pleased seeing her on the floor.
  • When Carly is gently trying to get Mandy to leave, Freddie keeps looking at her, nodding and smiling, and in one shot is standing behind her looking her up and down flirtily.
  • Freddie compliments Carly on her spit take. She's flattered.
iHeart ArtEdit
  • Freddie sympathizes with Carly's problem and tries to make her feel better.
  • When Freddie hugs Carly to comfort her, he enjoys it very much and does not want to let go of her again.
  • When Sam gives Freddie 5 bucks for everytime she insults him and she says, "No girl will ever want you," Carly just smiles and rolls her eyes sweetly, hinting that she disagrees with Sam.
  • Carly makes Sam promise not to insult Freddie for a week, showing she is tired of Sam constantly abusing him verbally and physically and cares about Freddie.
iHate Sam's BoyfriendEdit
  • When Carly asks, "Freddie, do you believe in love at first sight?" he says, "Yes! I always have!" thinking that she means that she loves him.
  • Freddie is disappointed when Carly says that she's referring to Jonah and Sam.
  • When Jonah asks Freddie about Sam, Freddie has a very difficult time thinking of nice things to say about her, and seems repulsed to have to make Sam seem attractive, indicating he finds her pretty unattractive.
  • Freddie tells Carly that they can get back at Sam and her new boyfriend Jonah if they start dating. Carly smiles and rejects him gently.
  • When she tells him that Jonah tried to kiss her, he yells, "No one tries to kiss MY girl!" and then corrects himself when she looks at him questioningly.
  • He is very jealous that Jonah tried to kiss Carly, the girl he loves.
  • Carly and Freddie both thought Jonah was very annoying, and kept grumbling together about him, while Sam noticed nothing.
iHatch ChicksEdit
  • Freddie is upset at not getting Carly as a science partner.
  • Carly points out to Sam that it wasn't his fault he lost the last chick because he really didn't know.
  • Carly tries to comfort Freddie when he finds out he lost the last chick.
  • Carly compliments Freddie in the webshow ("...our awesome tech producer - and rarely sticky - Freddie Benson..."), calling him awesome. She also doesn't think his "techy-ness" is dorky, actually cute, an early hint that she found him "cukey," even at this point.
iDon't Want to FightEdit
  • When they are alone in her apartment, with slow music in the background, Freddie tries to make a move on Carly by putting his arm behind her and saying, "You feelin' the mood?"
  • Carly just laughs amusedly and doesn't seem to mind at all when he "makes his move" on the couch, possibly hinting at early feelings.
  • They are sitting very close together on the couch even before he puts his arm around her, and Carly doesn't move away.
  • Freddie jerks Sam's ponytail hard whenever she interrupts Carly, then lets Carly interrupt Sam and says he does it "Because I love her!" - as though it should have been obvious.
  • Freddie was trying to make Carly and Sam friends again.
  • Freddie continually shows he cares about Carly and her feelings in this episode, defending her from Sam. He is obviously on her side.
iPromote TechfootsEdit
  • Carly and Freddie sit next to each other and give each other glances during the talk with the Techfoot manager.
  • Both times when they receive money, Freddie says, "Keep it coming, keep it coming" and Carly says, "This is good. This is a fun time" and smiles at him.
  • Carly wears red and black twice in the episode - when she comes home after shopping with her promotion money, and in the scene when they threaten the Daka board members.
  • After going for a shopping spree, Carly returns home and knocks on Freddie's door - "Freddie, come over!" - and Freddie walks in a moment later. They sit together alone for a few minutes, and both admire each other's purchases.
  • Freddie comes in and says "Lookin' good Carly!" Carly replies flirtily, "Feelin' good, Freddie!".
  • Freddie seems to think Carly looks cute in her new sunglasses, and compliments her.
  • Carly is awed by Freddie's expensive new laptop, and not bored by his "techy"-ness.
iGot DetentionEdit
  • One of the biggest plotlines in the episode involves Carly and Freddie needing to get in trouble, and how they keep trying to but only Carly is able to get detention in the end. They are both reluctant to do anything really "bad" in order to get in trouble.
  • Carly is afraid for Freddie's safety and says "Freddie! Are you okay?" when he falls off the ladder.
  • She tries to help him climb in the window and off the ladder both times.
  • Carly walks up to Freddie's locker, and smiles at him. It turns out she broke into his locker and stole his fruit-scented markers (though she probably had markers of her own - she didn't have to steal them from Freddie), and she returns all but the tangerine one, which she takes and smells with a happy look on her face when he's not looking.
  • Both Carly and Freddie are very annoyed with the cops in the apartment disrupting everything.
  • Freddie smiles at Carly when he hands her and Sam the hat cam and glasses cam.
  • They stand close together 3 times - in the kitchen, in the studio, and watching the cops at the window.
  • They are alone in the studio when Carly is watching the bouncy jogger man, and Freddie smiles at her twice.
iMight Switch SchoolsEdit
  • Freddie gets excited when he gets a text (written by Sam) from Carly's phone saying "I love you". He rushes to Carly's apartment and says, "You mean it?! For real?!" Carly seems amused that he thinks she wrote it, and doesn't seem mad at all that Sam made it look like she did.
  • Freddie says, "I don't wanna be bye-byed" in a sad tone and makes a very sad pouty face, again showing he will miss Carly.
  • Sam manipulates Freddie by telling him that if he helps her sabotage Carly's chances of going to school, there's a better chance of Carly falling in love with him. Freddie immediately brightens when given this idea and agrees to help her stop Carly from going to Briarwood.
  • Freddie works with Sam to prevent Carly from enrolling at the private school so she won't leave him.
  • Carly and Freddie both agree Sam should try to read a book.
  • Carly tells his mother he's fencing behind her back because she thinks it's dangerous, showing she cares about his safety.
  • Later, after Carly tells Freddie on his mom so that he could stop fencing, she regrets it and seems really upset and guilty.
  • Carly agrees to go to the Groovy Smoothie alone with Freddie to make up for telling his mother about the fencing, which is basically a date.
  • Since Sam bets the ushe, Carly volunteers to get the mop and Freddie nods with an embarrassed facial expression.
iCarly Saves TVEdit
  • After the TV rehearsal, Carly asks where Freddie is, hinting that he was on her mind at the time.
  • She looks sorry for Freddie when he tells her about all the things the producer's making him do, when he's supposed to be the supervising technical producer.
  • Carly is very upset that Freddie quit the show.
  • Before Freddie quit, he told Carly that he was sorry for leaving her. She looked very sad.
  • Carly didn't complain after Sam or Harper quit, but when Freddie quit she started getting angry. This is yet another hint that she feels iCarly isn't right without Freddie, maybe even more so than for Sam.
iWin a DateEdit

[2]*After learning Gibby has a crush on the girl named Shannon, Carly says, "It must be awful to love someone who doesn't love you back." Then Freddie looks at Carly in a sad way after the remark, and Carly apologizes.

  • Freddie reassures Gibby that he has no feelings for Shannon by saying, "I'm in love with someone else," and looks at Carly.
  • When Freddie introduces the iCarly special "iWin a Date" to the viewers as well as himself as the host, we get a close up of Carly, who looks at him happily and makes a sweet smile:)
  • Carly screams, "WHAT?!" several times when being chosen by Gibby to date him, probably because she's jealous that she doesn't get to date Freddie. Freddie also looks jealous in this scene.
  • Freddie suggests she come with him on the date instead, and she sweetly declines.
  • Carly and Freddie mostly talk only to each other on the date.
  • Freddie avoids talking to Shannon.
iHave a Lovesick TeacherEdit
  • When Miss Ackerman comes over to Carly's apartment Freddie is stunned (she is dressed up for her date with Spencer), and Carly seems jealous, trying to stop him from looking at her (they walk up the stairs, and she says, "Come on!").
  • Freddie tries to defend Carly after Ms. Ackerman gave her 100 jumping jacks.
  • Carly also gets upset and angry and defends Freddie in class when Ms. Ackerman insults him just because he's a boy.

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